4″ X 6″ Thermal Transfer FanFold Labels (4000L/Case) – Ribbon Required



Width 4″, Length 6″, FanFold Thermal Transfer Labels, Requires Ribbon, Permanent Adhesive, Perforated, 2UP.

$12.65/M. $25.30/2000 Labels. 2 Stacks/Case. 2000 Labels/Stack.  4000 Labels/Case.

FanFold Labels are of the highest quality.  FanFold design reduces reloading time in half and is perfect for Bar Code Labels, Shipping Labels, Warehouse Labels, Identification Labels, and Price Labels.

Thermal Transfer Labels are commonly used on Zebra, Eltron printers, Sato printers, Datamax printers and Intermec printers and more.  BuyLabel.ca offers the Highest Quality Labels at the Lowest Price Guarantee.



Competitor’s Prices

  • BUYLABEL.CA Lowest Price Labels in Canada   – $25.30/Stack (2000 Labels)
  • uline thermal transfer fanfold labels    – $54.50/Stack (2000 Labels)
  •     – $29.15/Stack (2000 Labels)
  • barcodes thermal transfer fanfold label    – $48.68/Stack (2000 Labels)
  • durafast thermal transfer fanfold label    – $31.50/Stack (2000 Labels)
  • argon thermal transfer fanfold label    – $28.98/Stack (2000 Labels)
  •    – $29.99/Stack (2000 Labels)


Volume Discount

Cases Discount Per Case ($) Per 1000 ($)
1 to 4 0% 50.60 12.65
5 to 49 6% 47.56 11.89
50+ 10% 45.54 11.39



  • Label Width: 4″
  • Label Length: 6″
  • Adhesive: Permanent
  • Colour: White Matte
  • Perforated Liner: Yes
  • Labels Across: 1
  • Labels Per Case: 4000
  • Printer Technology: Thermal Transfer
  • Ribbon Required: Yes


Compatible Printers

  • Industrial Zebra Printers: ZT200, ZT220, ZT230, ZT400, ZT410, ZT420, ZT510, ZT600, ZT610, ZT620, Zebra Stripe S400, Zebra Stripe S600, 105SL, 105SLPlus, 110XIIIIPlus, 110XI4, 140XI4, 140XIIIIPlus, 220XIIIIPlus, 170XI4, 140XIIIIPlus, 170XIIII, 170XIIIIPlus, 220XIIIIPlus, 2746e,  90xIIII, 90XIIIIPlus, 96XIIII, 96XIIIIPlus, S4M, Z4M, Z4MPlus, Z6M, Z6MPlus, ZM400, ZM600
  • Industrial Datamax-O-Neil Printers: I-Class Mark II Series, I-4212e, I-4606e, I-4212 Mark II, I-4310e Mark II, M-Class, M-4206, M-4210, H-Class, H-4310, H-4310X, H-4408, H-4408 RFID, H-4606, H-4606X, H-6210, H-6212X, H-6308, H-6310X, H-8308X, E-Class Mark III, E-4204B, E-4304B, E-4205A, E-4305A, E-4206P, E-4305P
  • Industrial Intermec Printers: PM43, PM43c, Pm23c, EasyCoder PX4i, EasyCoder PX6i
  • Industrial Eltron Printers: Eltron H146, Eltron LP2042, Eltron LP2242, Eltron LP2348, Eltron LP2642, Eltron LP2742, Eltron LP2844, Eltron Orion, Eltron TLP2044, Eltron TLP2046, Eltron TLP2642, Eltron TLP2742, Eltron TLP3642, Eltron TLP3742, UPS Thermal 2442, UPS Thermal 2542, UPS Thermal 2543, UPS Thermal 2844, UPS Thermal H146
  • Industrial SATO Printers: SATO CL4NX, Sato CL612NX, M84Pro 2, CL6NX, SATO CL408NX, CL412NX, SATO M84Pro 2, SATO CL608NX, CL424NX, M84Pro 3
  • Industrial Toshiba Printers: B-EX4T2, B-SX8, B-452R, B-SA4TM, B-SA4TP, B-852, B-EX4T1
  • Industrial Postek Printers: Postek TX6, Postek TX3, Postek TX2

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